The Abbott government has recently proposed changes to the higher education system which will affect both the tuition fees charged by universities as well as the interest rate applied to student loans. In the current system, tuition fees are set at a fixed rate depending on the degree and there is no interest applied to student loans. In the proposed system, tuition fees are no longer fixed and universities may charge any rate as long as it is below the international rate. In addition, student loans will be subject to an interest rate which is pegged to the ten-year treasury bond rate.

You may compare the cost of an education before and after deregulation by choosing values for each of the relevant variables.

This model is specific to the ANU only in that the maximum deregulated tuition fee is computed using the current ANU international rates.

Before After
Years to repay loan after graduation [?]
Total cost of education [?]
Interest paid [?]
Remaining debt upon retirement [?]
2.77 %
5.0 %
$ 52.5 K
5.0 %

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