Curriculum Vitae


BA Mathematics - Oxford 1968
Ph.D Theoretical Chemistry - Wisconsin 1972

Research, Centre Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (Paris) 1977-1979
Professor, President's Advisory Committee, Georgia Institute of Technology 1979-1991
Adjunct Professor, Center for Dynamical Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology 1999-2000
Adjunct Professor, Mathematics, University of New South Wales 1995-1999
Miegunyah Distinguished Fellow, University of Melbourne 1998
Honorary Professorial Fellow University of Melbourne 1999-2002
Organizer of special year (2000-2001) at the Institute of Mathematics and Applications (Minnesota)
Organiser of a conference on Fractals in Multimedia for January 2001.
Visiting Fellow, Mathematics, Australian National University Sep-Nov 2002
Professor, Mathematics, Australian National University 2004 - present

Refereed Publications


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Fractals Everywhere - Second Edition. A revised version of the 1988 publication with additional material on recurrent Iterated Function Systems published by Academic Press, August 1993.

Symposium Proceedings and other volumes


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