Design of an NMOS Parallel Adder

71. R. P. Brent and R. R. Ewin, Design of an NMOS Parallel Adder, AUSMPC Design Community Newsletter 2, Aug. 1982, 1-14. A longer version appeared as Report TR-CS-82-06, Department of Computer Science, Australian National University, May 1982, 41pp; also Appendix E: Testing the Parallel Adder, Sept. 1982, 2pp.

Paper: pdf (1977K).

Technical Report and Appendix E: please contact the authors.


Brent and Kung [60] described a carry lookahead adder which has a regular structure and is suitable for VLSI implementation. This report describes a variant of Brent and Kung's adder and documents the design of a prototype which conforms to the "Mead and Conway" nMOS design rules. The prototype will be fabricated with 5-micron nMOS technology on the first Australian multiproject chip.


The multiproject chip prototype was successful (see Appendix E). At the time of publication the use of carry-lookahead in VLSI designs was unpopular, but more recently the design technique proposed here has been applied widely in VLSI implementations of adders.

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