Computation of the generalized SVD using mesh-connected processors

83. R. P. Brent, F. T. Luk and C. F. Van Loan, Computation of the generalized singular value decomposition using mesh-connected processors, Proceedings SPIE, Volume 431, Real Time Signal Processing VI (edited by Keith Bromley), SPIE, Bellingham, Washington, 1983, 66-71. Also Technical Report CMA-R31-83, Centre for Mathematical Analysis, ANU, August 1983, 12 pp.

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Technical Report: pdf (784K).


This paper concerns the systolic array computation of the generalized singular value decomposition (GSVD). Numerical algorithms for both one-dimensional and two-dimensional systolic architectures are discussed.


The GSVD is important in signal processing. This paper presents extensions to the GSVD of the SVD algorithms published in [80].

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