A theoretical foundation for the weighted checksum scheme

109. C. J. Anfinson, R. P. Brent and F. T. Luk A theoretical foundation for the weighted checksum scheme, Proceedings SPIE, Volume 975, Advanced Algorithms and Architectures for Signal Processing III (edited by F. T. Luk), SPIE, Bellingham, Washington, 1989, 10-18.

Paper: pdf (875K).


The weighted checksum technique has been proposed as a low-cost error detection procedure for parallel matrix computations. Error correction has proved to be a much more difficult problem to solve than detection when using weighted checksums. In this paper we provide a theoretical basis for the correction problem. We show that for a disance d + 1 weighted checksum scheme, if a maximum of d/2 errors ensue then we can determine exactly how many errors have occurred. In this case we can correct the errors, and we give a procedure for doing so.


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