Parallel implementation of QRD algorithms

145. B. B. Zhou and R. P. Brent, Parallel implementation of QRD algorithms on the Fujitsu AP1000, Proc. 17th Australian Computer Science Conference (edited by Gopal Gupta), Australian Computer Science Communications 16 (1994), 733-743. Also Technical Report TR-CS-93-12, CSL, ANU, Nov. 1993, 11 pp.

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This paper addresses several important aspects of parallel implementation of QR decomposition of a matrix on a distributed memory MIMD machine, the Fujitsu AP1000. They include: Among various QR decomposition algorithms, which one is most suitable for implementation on the AP1000? With the total number of cells given, what is the best aspect ratio of the array to achieve optimal performance? How efficient is the AP1000 in computing the QR decomposition of a matrix? To help answer these questions we have implemented various orthogonal factorisation algorithms on a 128-cell AP1000 located at the Australian National University. After extensive experiments some interesting results have been obtained and are presented in the paper.


For related work see [136, 137, 138].

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