From hypertext to flat text: a tool for document construction

165. J. Yang, W. Ma and R. P. Brent, From hypertext to flat text: a tool for document construction, Proceedings of the Second Australian World Wide Web Conference, Southern Cross University Press, 1996, 67-72.

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The hyperlinked nature of documents on the World Wide Web (WWW) gives users great freedom for browsing and authoring. However it becomes awkward when a user wants to print a document with such a hierarchical structure, for example, the on-line Netscape Handbook. In this case, the user has to fetch and print each piece of the interesting documents separately and then assemble them together manually. Even worse, the assembling-together could not be possible without physically cutting and pasting when a piece of document is linked from the middle of its parent text. In this paper, we present a flexible tool which can automatically follow the hyperlinks of a main document and replace each link with the actual sub-document content. In other word, it transforms a hierarchically structured hypertext to a flat form in its final output so that hard-copy printing is possible.


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