Implementation of a portable-IP system for mobile TCP/IP

179. X. Qu, J. X. Yu and R. P. Brent, Implementation of a portable-IP system for mobile TCP/IP, Australian Computer Science Communications 20, 1 (1998), 499-510. Also Technical Report TR-CS-97-19, CSL, ANU, November 1997.

Technical Report: ps (137K).


In current TCP/IP-based systems, the hardness of mobile communication stems from the IP routing and addressing schemes.  In this paper, we refine our mobile solution using two mappings:  a portable-IP mapping and a mobile mapping.  We also explicitly distinguish our mapping approach from the existing mobile-IP solutions which use a single mapping scheme.  The portable-IP mapping is supported using DHCP and DNS functions and requires no modifications to the TCP/IP protocols.  Our mobile solution can reduce both the cost for distributing the location information of mobile hosts and the cost for forwarding IP datagrams across the Internet.  In this paper, we also focus on the implementation details of the portable-IP system for supporting the portable-IP mapping.  Two registration procedures and DNS updating approaches are given.


For a related paper, see [172].

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