Performance analysis of the IQMR method on distributed memory computers

203. L. T. Yang and R. P. Brent, Quantitative performance analysis of the improved quasi-minimal residual method on massively distributed memory computers, Advances in Engineering Software 33 (2002), 169-177.

Paper: pdf (143K).


We consider the solution of large sparse systems of linear equations by the improved quasi-minimal residual (IQMR) method, which is based on the Lanczos process. IQMR is well-suited to parallel implementation because all inner products and matrix-vector multiplications in one iteration step are independent, and the communication time for the inner product steps can be overlapped with the computation time.

This paper gives a performance analysis of the IQMR method and compares the theoretical predictions with experimental results obtained on a massively parallel distributed memory Parsytec system.

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