Sending Secure Messages

You can send secure (encrypted and/or signed) email to me by using my public key
and the "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) program.

I currently use PGP version 2.6.3in on an Mac;
various versions of PGP are available. See for more information.

Use "pgp -seat ..." to encrypt and sign your message before mailing it,
and inform me of your public key if you want a secure reply.

My 1024-bit PGP key ID is B801D2BD and its fingerprint is:
E3BD3111 CF805E82 D89EF1A4 B7F7F7F1

If your version of PGP does not support RSA keys, you can use my DSS key instead. It is here.

You can find other people's PGP keys here.

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