Here are PDFs for the workshop "The Geometry of Differential Equations"

Spyros Alexakis Integral Kahler invariants and the Tian-Yau-Zelditch expansion
Robert Bryant A visit to the Finsler world (Colloquium)
Andreas Cap Normal Weyl structures and solutions of first BGG operators
Boris Doubrov Local geometry of integral curves in parabolic geometries
Matthias Hammerl A non-normal Fefferman-type construction of split-signature conformal structures admitting twistor spinors
Ernie Kalnins Classical superintegrability for the Turbiner, Winternitz and Tremblay system
Jonathan Kress Superintegrability in a non-conformally-flat space
Thomas Leistner Conformal structures with explicit ambient metrics
Gaven Martin Quasiregular mappings, curvature & dynamics
Lionel Mason The Penrose transform and gerbes in 6-dimensions
Vladimir Matveev How to reconstruct a metric by its unparameterized geodesics (Colloquium on 16/9/11)
Vladimir Matveev A linear algebra trick that solved two problems: first problem of Lie and superintegrable systems with one linear and one cubic integral
Tohru Morimoto Differential equations on filtered manifolds: invitation to nilpotent analysis
Willard Miller Recurrence relations and higher order superintegrability in classical and quantum mechanics
Jean-Philippe Nicolas A conformal approach to scattering theory
Gerd Schmalz Free CR manifolds
Jan Slovak Fefferman circle bundle on free CR-distributions
Petr Somberg Universal splitting operators
Arman Taghavi-Chabert A higher-dimensional generalisation of the Goldberg-Sachs theorem
Paul Tod Three-dimensional Einstein-Weyl geometry
Peter Vassiliou Systems of Lie type and the Cauchy problem for Darboux integrable partial differential equations
Keizo Yamaguchi Second reduction theorem in contact geometry of second order