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The Geometry of Differential Equations

19 - 23 September 2011

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This workshop was part of the CMA's Special Year on Parabolic Differential Geometry within the Mathematical Sciences Institute.

The workshop explored PDE in the following contexts
  * conformal, CR, and related geometries
  * integrable and superintegrable systems
  * Lie theory and representations

PDFs for many of the talks are avaialble here

Confirmed Speakers
  Spyros Alexakis, Toronto
  Paul Baird, UBO Brest
  Robert Bryant, Berkeley
  Andreas Cap, Vienna
  Boris Doubrov, Minsk
  Colin Guillarmou, ENS, Paris
  Matthias Hammerl, Vienna
  Kengo Hirachi, Tokyo U
  Alan Huckleberry, Bochum
  Ernie Kalnins, Waikato
  Jonathan Kress, UNSW, Sydney
  Wojciech Krynski, IHES and Warsaw
  Thomas Leistner, Adelaide
  Gaven Martin, Massey, Auckland
  Lionel Mason, Oxford
  Vladimir Matveev, Jena
  Tohru Morimoto, Nara
  Willard Miller, Minnesota
  Jean-Philippe Nicolas, UBO Brest
  Gerd Schmalz, UNE Armidale
  Jan Slovak, Brno
  Petr Somberg, Prague
  Vladimir Soucek, Prague
  Arman Taghavi-Chabert, Brno
  Paul Tod, Oxford
  Peter Vassiliou, U Canberra
  Keizo Yamaguchi, Hokkaido

Other Participants
  Erwann Aubry, Nice
  Lashi Bandara, ANU
  David Baraglia, ANU
  Robert Bartnik, Monash
  Paul Bryan, ANU
  Emma Carberry, U Sydney
  Gilles Carron, Nantes
  Julie Clutterbuck, ANU
  Sean Curry, Auckland
  Vladimir Ejov, UniSA, Adelaide
  David Hartley, Monash
  Andrew Hassell, ANU
  Alexander Isaev, ANU
  Daniel Jackson, Monash
  Mathew Langford, ANU
  Paul Leopardi, ANU
  Yoshihiko Matsumoto, Tokyo U
  Stephen McCormick, Monash
  Alan McIntosh, ANU
  Roberto Panai, Auckland
  Matthew Randall, ANU
  Adam Rennie, ANU
  Dale Roberts, ANU
  Katja Sagerschnig, ANU
  Ravi Shroff, ANU
  Dennis The, ANU
  Yuri Vyatkin, Auckland
  Bryan Wang, ANU
  Travis Willse, ANU

  Michael Eastwood
  Rod Gover
  Katharina Neusser
For administrative matters, please contact Alison Anderson.

Registration and Accommodation
There is no registration fee. If you are from outside Canberra and would like to attend this workshop, please email Alison Anderson with your name, position, institution, arrival date, departure date, accommodation requirements, and any other relevant information. NB: Accommodation is in short supply in Canberra so please "register" in this fashion as soon as possible. If you are from Canberra or do not need accommodation, please let Alison Anderson know that you will be attending the workshop and then simply show up on the Monday.

The 55th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will take place 26 - 29 September (during the week following this workshop) at the University of Wollongong (not so far from Canberra).
Travelling from Canberra to Wollongong on Sunday 25 September (if you are going to the AustMS meeting)
* There is a Murrays bus departing Canberra at 6:00pm and arriving in Wollongong at 9:25pm: the fare is $33.
* There is a Train/Bus combination departing Canberra at 11:55am and arriving in Wollongong at 4:10pm: the fare is $37.78.
* We are also arranging a scenic bus trip departing Canberra around 9am and arriving in Wollongong around 4pm (directly at the welcome reception and registration for the meeting). Places are limited so please let Alison Anderson know as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a spot on the bus: the fare will be $40. Departure is now arranged to be at 9:30am sharp from the ANU Drill Hall Gallery (close to MSI: see map below).
With the exception of the scenic bus, if you are going to Wollongong, please book your own travel.
Travelling on from Wollongong on Friday 30 September
* If going to Sydney airport, there are various options. Please use your iniative (and Google, for example).
* If returning to Canberra, there are train and/or bus options as above. In particular, Murrays bus departs Wollongong at 10:15am and arrives in Canberra at 1:40pm.

On Monday from 9am until 9:45am there will be Tea and Coffee available in the Common Room of the Mathematical Sciences Instiute located in the John Dedman Building (Building 27). At 9:45am we'll walk to the Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatre 1 (Room T1, Chemistry Building 34) for opening remarks at 9:55am and the first lecture at 10:00am. The rest of the schedule is here.

Titles and Abstracts
Titles are here. Abstracts are here.

Workshop Dinner on Thursday 22 September
There will be a Workshop Dinner on the Thursday, starting at 6:30pm. It be held at the Chairman and Yip restaurant at 108 Bunda Street (see map below). The cost will be $55 per person.

Key Locations

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Lecture Room
Workshop talks will be held in the Arthur Hambly Lecture Theatre 1 (Room T1, Chemistry Building 34). It is equipped with large whiteboards, a transparency projector, and a computer projector. For the computer projector, speakers can connect their own laptop or use the already connected computer.

Travelling to Canberra
This brief summary is primarily intended for overseas visitors. Despite its name, "Canberra International Aiport" (CBR) hosts no commercial international flights. If you are starting anywhere overseas, then entering Australia through Sydney (SYD) is the default but Brisbane (BNE) or Melbourne (MEL) are also possible. There are plenty of flights between SYD and CBR on Qantas or Virgin. There is also Murrays Bus Service running good quality buses between the International Terminal at SYD and Canberra City Centre. There are many flights directly into SYD from North America. From Europe there are no direct flights and the usual options are to fly via SE Asia (e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur) or via the Middle East (e.g. Abu Dhabi with Etihad or Dubai with Emirates). As the Earth is roughly spherical, if you are starting at a sufficient distance from SYD, then you can set off in more or less any (tangential) direction. Sometimes travelling via NE Asia (e.g. China or Japan) is a good option.

From Canberra Airport to your Accommodation
The default option is to take a taxi. The cost will be approximately $40. Details are here . Please ask the driver for a receipt. If the timing is good, there are also buses (but, of course, a taxi will take you directly to your accommodation). Accommodation and other key locations are marked on the map above.

Information for Visitors
For visitors to the ANU and Canberra, there is an ANU campus map, a comprehensive guide to Canberra (including "What's on in Canberra"), and some further tourist information.

To see kangaroos "in the wild" Dennis The suggests here and advises that "it's about a 6km walk from Liversidge to the rough location where the kangaroos are and then another 1 km until you hit a bus stop, from which you can take the #10 bus back to the town centre. The walk takes you along the cycle path that I use everyday, and also has really nice views of the lake. I'd recommend starting the walk at 4:30pm. It should be a bit more than an hour's walk to get to the kangaroo area. Kangaroos come out at dusk, so a good time to see them would be 5:45pm - 6:00pm."

This workshop is sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the ANU and by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

AMSI allocates a Travel Allowance annually to each of its Member Universities. Students or Early Career Researchers from AMSI Member Universities without access to a suitable research grant or other source of funding may apply to their Head of Mathematical Sciences for subsidy of travel and accommodation out of the Departmental Travel Allowance. Details of the procedure may be found here.