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Mathematics and Physics on the Borderline between Algebraic and Differential Geometry

26 - 30 July 2010

This workshop will be part of the CMA's Special Year on Algebraic and Differential Geometry within the Mathematical Sciences Institute.

  Paul Baird, UBO Brest
  Nicholas Buchdahl, Adelaide
  Jack Hall, Stanford
  Eric Katz, UT Austin
  JM Landsberg, Texas A&M
  Claude LeBrun, Stony Brook
  Daniel Murfet, Hausdorff Institute
  Dragos Oprea, San Diego
  Rahul Pandharipande, Princeton
  Vivek Shende, Princeton
  Jian Song, Rutgers
  Mathai Varghese, Adelaide
  Craig Westerland, Melbourne
  Aleksey Zinger, Stony Brook

  James Borger
  Michael Eastwood
  Amnon Neeman
For administrative matters, please contact Alison Irvine.

There is no registration fee. If you are from outside Canberra and would like to attend this workshop, please email Alison Irvine with your name, position, institution, arrival date, departure date, accommodation requirements, and any other relevant information. NB: Accommodation is in short supply in Canberra so please register as soon as possible. If you are from Canberra or do not need accommodation, simply show up on Monday.

The workshop will start, a little later than planned, on Monday morning at 9:50am and will finish by 4pm on Friday. The complete timetable is available here. There will be a reception on Monday at 4:30pm and a dinner on Thursday evening. Wednesday afternoon will be free. The colloquium at 4pm on Thursday by Claude LeBrun will part of the workshop (slides from Claude LeBrun's talks can be found here). The schedule will allow participants to attend the seminar at 6pm on Thursday by Professor Chen Ning Yang.

Titles and Abstracts
Titles and abstracts for the workshop are available here. The timetable is available here.

Lecture Room
Workshop talks will be held in the John Dedman (Mathematical Sciences) building - Bernhard Neumann seminar room (G35). It is equipped with blackboards, a transparency projector, and a computer projector. For the computer projector, speakers can connect their own laptop or use the already connected computer.

Arrival in Canberra
From the airport it is best to take a taxi. If we are reimbursing your expenses, please obtain a receipt for the fare.

Information for Visitors
For visitors to the ANU and Canberra, there is an ANU campus map and some more general tourist information.