Special Program on Spectral and Scattering Theory

Australian National University, July 2 - December 14, 2001

Organisers: Andrew Hassell and Alan McIntosh

There will be a Special Program on Spectral and Scattering Theory at
the Australian National University (ANU), which will
run from July 2 to December 14, 2001. A list of participants can be found below.
Enquiries about the program are welcome; send email to Andrew Hassell at

Information about Canberra and the Australian National University (including maps, visa information, and information about Liversidge Court and transport options).

The topics of the special program include, but are not limited to,

-- Scattering theory, including spectral  properties of Laplace or Dirac type
operators on noncompact or singular space, geometric scattering theory,
scattering for Maxwell's equations, Schroedinger equations and many-body operators,
quantum Hall effect.

-- Operator theory and functional calculus, including functional calculus for
sectorial operators, functional calculi for several operators, relationship with partial
differential equations and singular integrals.

-- Singular integrals, such as boundary integrals arising when investigating the
scattering from irregular objects.

-- Microlocal analysis, including pseudodifferential and Fourier integral methods in
spectral theory, eigenvalue estimates, scattering poles.

-- Numerical techniques related to the above problems.

There will be a very active Spectral and scattering theory seminar series running for the duration on the program. Speakers will give short series of lectures, typically between one and four lectures, which are usually at least partly expository.

Two CMA National Research Symposia on Spectral and Scattering Theory will run during the Special Program, organized by Andrew Hassell and Terry Tao. The dates for the symposia
are August 8-10 and September 19-21. NB: the date of the first symposia
has been changed since the first announcement.
The Australian Mathematical Society Annual Conference will also be held at ANU from
September 22-26. There will be a number of special sessions in this Conference in
areas related to the Special Program.

Participants from within ANU will include the organisers, Neil Trudinger, Derek Robinson,
Adam Sikora,  Christian LeMerdy, John Hutchinson, Nick Dungey, Andreas Axelsson, and Ben Andrews.  In addition, Terry Tao will be at ANU for the duration of the special program. External participants in the special program include




Approximate Dates (number of weeks)

Pascal Auscher Amiens confirmed July 15 - Aug 15
Swanhild Bernstein Weimar confirmed Sept 14 - 29
Tirthankar Bhattacharyya Bangalore confirmed Nov 19-Dec 21
Alan Carey Adelaide confirmed Oct 23-27, Nov 19-22
Gilles Carron Nantes confirmed Sept 7-26
Xuan Duong Macquarie confirmed August 7-10, 21-31
Brian Jefferies University of NSW confirmed Sept 22 - Oct 14
Boris Pavlov Auckland confirmed Aug 29 - Sept 7
Johannes Sjostrand Ecole Polytechnique confirmed September 14-26
Luchezar Stoyanov University of W. Aust.  confirmed September 16-23
Terry Tao UCLA confirmed July-December
Christoph Thiele UCLA confirmed August 2-10
Mathai Varghese MIT/Adelaide confirmed September 18-21
Andras Vasy MIT confirmed August 1-13
Dmitri Yafaev Rennes  confirmed Oct 20 - Nov 16
Yan Lixin Macquarie confirmed August 7-17

If you are one of the participants and the information about you is incorrect or needs updating,
please send the correct information to hassell@maths.anu.edu.au. If you want a link from here to your home page, send the details to hassell@maths.anu.edu.au and we will arrange it.