Professor John Hutchinson

BSc Hons. (UNSW),  PhD (Stanford), FAA


Contact Details

Department of Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, 0200


Office: 61 2 6125 4042
Dept Maths: 61 2 6125 2908
Home: 61 2 6282 2363

FAX: 61 2 6125 4984




My original research interests were set theory and model theory.
Subsequently I have worked on fractals, generalised notions of curvature, elliptic systems and nonlinear elasticity type problems, and other geometric variational problems.
I am particularly interested in applying techniques from analysis, differential equations and geometric measure theory to physical and geometric problems.  In recent years this has included finite element approximations to surfaces of prescribed mean curvature, random fractals and phase transition problems.
My current research intersts are primarily in the area of analysis on fractals and random fractals.


Research Articles (mostly since 1994).


Lecture Notes (from some previous courses).

Information for students going directly from high school/college mathematics into MATH2320.

Professional development courses for teachers and ANU Secondary College Mathematics

Public talk on Conway and Kochen Free Will Theorem

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