Technology-driven Advance in the Worlds of Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Technology-enabled advance in the worlds of statistics, machine learning and data mining. New Zealand Science Review 68 (2011): 113-116.

Code, with graphs and commentary     Code only, as a text file
Code and commentary is given for the calculations described in the text, plus some additional graphs and calculations

Information and Commentary on the R System

Comparison between R and Broadly Comparable Systems

Youtube tutorial videos, for novices users of R These are strongly recommended. Try them; there is nothing to lose!

Web site for R (CRAN = Comprehensive R Archive Network)

John Maindonald's web site

Official R email lists  R-downunder

R-related books

New York Times article on R   Follow-up to the NY Times article in the NZ Herald

Open source R in commercial revolution - article from The Register

Top ten RRReasons R is bad for you?

Notes and Overheads from AMSI/SSAI ASC2008 Satellite R Workshop

International Meetings

useR! is held annually. Additionally, R is a strong focus of the more specialized Directions in Statistical Computing meeting, held every two years.
Commentary on talks at useR! 2009 (July 7-10 in Rennes, France), and at DSC2009 (July 13-14 in Copenhagen)
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