Stephen G Roberts

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Stephen.Roberts {AT}

Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI)
College of Science
Australian National University
ACT 0200 Australia

Phone: (61) (2) 6125 4445
Fax: (61) (2) 6125 4984

Steve at work

2014 AMSI Summer School

I was director of the 2014 AMSI summer school which was held at the ANU from the 6th Jauuary - 31st January 2014. Here are some useful links


Research Interests:

Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: In particular

Mathematics across Disciplines MaD:

Initiative to form closer links across ANU campus for those researchers involved in quantitiative work and who would like to see their students better prepared to tackle such work.

Python Links

Below are some links to various Python resources.

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