Differential Geometry Seminar - 2015

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Thu Feb.19 4:00-5:00 Matthias Hammerl (Greifswald) Holonomy Reductions of Parabolic Geometries and Curved Orbit Decompositions
Wed Mar. 4 10:45-11:45 Ilya Kossovskiy (University of Vienna) On Poincare's "Probleme local"
Thu Mar. 5 4:00-5:00 Ian Anderson (Utah State) Googling Einstein and wikipeding Cartan
Tue Mar.10 12:10-13:45 (in COP G027) Ian Anderson (Utah State) Introduction to DifferentialGeometry with Maple
Wed Mar.11 10:45-11:45 Ian Anderson (Utah State) An Introduction to the "8 thru 11" Variables Paper of E. Cartan (1911)
Thu Mar.12 11:45-12:45 Thomas Leistner (University of Adelaide) Explicit ambient metrics and holonomy
Tue Mar.31 11:30-12:30 Katja Sagerschnig (University of Vienna) Almost Einstein (2,3,5)-distributions
Tue Apr.7 11:00-12:00 Jeanne Clelland (UC Boulder) Isometric embedding via strongly symmetric positive systems
Thu Apr.9 14:30-15:30 Sean Curry (University of Auckland) Constructing Invariants of CR Embeddings Using Tractors

Interested in giving talk? Please contact Dennis The (Dennis.The AT anu.edu.au) or Travis Willse (Travis.Willse AT anu.edu.au)

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