Data Analysis and Graphics Using R - An Example-Based Approach

John Maindonald and John Braun     3rd edn, Cambridge University Press, (May 2010 in UKJune 2010 in USA)   

Documents and code that supplement the book are available thus:
Updates, etc. (May 5, 2012)p.31 (code for Fig.1.3); p.101 (Ex 13, wrong stationary values); p.187, ss 6.3.2 (definition of Cp); pp.210-211, ss 6.8.4 (multiplier omitted); p.238, ss 7.6.1 (lm should be gam); p.295, Sec 9.2, fn 5 (numerical error); p.298, Sec 9.2 (updated computer output); p.350, Ex 5 (hint); pp.483-484, ss 15.5.3 (alternative using layering); p.491, Table 15.2 (additional note)
Updates to 2011 printing Details will be given in due course.
Updates to 2013 printing Code changes, made necessary by changes in R functions, some improvements in code style, and corrections. Some new functionalities are noted.
Lattice graphics Layering in lattice (describes abilities, noted briefly in the second printing, that build up graphs in layers); Control of bounding boxes in lattice graphs.
Reproduce book's graphs There is a choice of source (.R) and image (.RData) files.
R code, chapter by chapter Has R code script files for each of the 15 chapters.
Solutions to exercises Ch 1:8/21 (8 of 21); 2:7/14; 3:6/13; 4:13/22; etc (Click for details)
Laboratory exercises Summary details of 16 sets of laboratory (2+ hour. some shorter) exercises [plus notes on use of R's Sweave() function to generate the LaTeX files for the exercises]. These exercises substantially supplement exercises in the book.
Notes additional to the text Overheads for a talk on multilevel models; Chapter 10 using lme(); Least squares computation; Theory of Generalized Linear Models; Regression in Practice; Smoothing terms in GAM models; Comparative a/c of lda(), qda() and logistic regression; Ordination; Spatial methods in R; Analysis of microarray data. These notes extend or offer a different perspective on, the discussion in the text.
R talks to LaTeX (Sweave)
or to Markdown or HTML
Use knitr to process a document that includes R code within a LaTeX file that has Sweave type markup, or within a Markdown file that has R Markdown markup, or within an HTML files that has R HTML markup. The markup settings control what combination of R code and output (including tables and graphs) is included in the final document.
R Course Overheads Overheads for a course that is based on the text.
R setup and environment Brief comments and links for installation of R; Use of R with RStudio; Brief notes on other editor interfaces.
First edition Additional materials, relevant to the 1st edition.
Second edition Additional materials, relevant to the 2nd edition

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