A systolic implementation of the second order recursive filter

103. B. B. Zhou and R. P. Brent, A high throughput systolic implementation of the second order recursive filter, Proceedings IEEE 1988 Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (New York, April 1988), Volume 4, 2053-2056. Also appeared as Report TR-CS-88-04, ANU, February 1988, 14 pp.

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This paper introduces a high-throughput systolic implementation of the direct-form second-order recursive filter. The systolic structure has the advantage of regularity over implementations of the bloack-state-variable form. Since communication is expensive in VLSI implementations in terms of area, as well as time, our regular structure is better for VLSI than those based on block-state-variable filter descriptions.


For related work, see [99, 104, 105].

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