Professor Richard Brent

Series of Lectures on Algorithms

Note: these lectures were given in weeks 2-7 of Trinity term 1999.

A series of six special lectures will be held on Mondays at 4.00 pm in the Lecture Theatre of the Wolfson Building. The lectures will cover selected topics in the design, implementation and analysis of algorithms.

The intended audience is academic and research staff and research students in the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, but others (including undergraduate students) are welcome to attend.

The lectures will be independent, although they will have some common threads. The links below give information on each lecture. Other relevant links may be found here.

Lecture 1

"Fast algorithms for elementary functions, pi, and Euler's constant"

Lecture 2

"Communication and computation in some parallel algorithms"

Lecture 3

"Fast and numerically stable algorithms for structured matrices"

Lecture 4

"Random numbers and their uses in computation"

Lecture 5

"Revisiting the binary Euclidean algorithm"

Lecture 6

"Integer factorisation, elliptic curves and Fermat numbers"

The transparencies used in the lectures (four per A4 page).

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