John Maindonald: Notes, etc.; older material

Older Course Materials for R

  Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics -- Introduction, Examples and Commentary
  (pdf file, 96 pages, minimally revised Jan 2008)
  Data Sets for Using R . . . .      Data sets (supplementary to those in R packages).
  The file is in R image format. Attach or load it, e.g., attach("usingR.RData")
Scripts for Using R . . . .


  Using S-PLUS for Data Analysis and Graphics -- An Introduction (pdf file, ~100 pages)
 Notes for the S-PLUS/R course held Feb 9-11, 2000
S-PLUS Scripts for the S-PLUS/R Course

Data & Scripts (S-PLUS/R) - Statistical Consulting Unit Courses

 Data sets for Regression Modelling course, May 2-4, 2000
Data sets for the course on regression modelling (1999)
 Data sets and scripts for the survival analysis course (1999)

Papers and Talks

An Inquiry Into Data Mining - Talk Given to the NZ Statistical Assn Conference, July 1999.