Serial simulation of the reconfigurable mesh, an image understanding architecture

184. M. Manzur Murshed and R. P. Brent, Serial simulation of the reconfigurable mesh, an image understanding architecture, in Advances in Computer Cybernetics (Volume V), Proc. International Symposium on Audio, Video, Image Processing and Intelligent Applications, Baden-Baden, Germany, 1998, 92-97.

Paper: pdf (97K), ps (82K).


There has recently been an interest in the Reconfigurable Mesh (RM) because of its simplicity and dynamic nature. Among many applications, RM can be viewed as a part of a powerful image understanding architecture for supporting real-time image understanding applications. This paper defines a programming model for the general RM which is expressed by means of a programming language RPC (Reconfigurable Parallel C).

The paper also presents a serial simulator, RMSIM (Reconfigurable Mesh Simulator), which permits the study of RPC programs written for a subnetwork of 3-D RM, known as mesh of meshes, where buses can be formed only in 2-D space. RMSIM is an easy-to-use simulator capable of simulating any RPC program in different axis orientations within restricted regions. To enhance debugging facilities, RMSIM is equipped with a snapshotter to generate Latex pictures of any planar segment of the simulated mesh at any step of program execution.


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