Data Mining Perspectives

Summer School Data Mining Slides, Notes and Exercises

Notes, Slides, and Exercises

Course Materials (senior level students)

Math3346 - Data Mining (Maths honours)

Papers and Talks

Data Mining with R (with Yihui Xie)
Prepared for 1st Chinese R conference, Beijing, 2008
Predictive Accuracy -- Is It Enough?
Overheads for talk at U of Copenhagen Dept of Biostatistics, June 11, 2007.
Data Mining Methodological Weaknesses and Suggested Fixes.
Paper presented at Australasian Data Mining Conference (Aus06), Sydney, Nov 29-30, 2006.     Overheads
Data, science and new computing technology.
New Zealand Journal of Science 62 (2005): 126-128.
The Role of Models in Predictive Validation (Statistics for Budding Data Miners)
Invited paper, Session 69, ISI meeting, Berlin 2003 Overheads
An Inquiry Into Data Mining - Talk Given to the NZ Statistical Assn Conference, July 1999.
Francis Bacon, Knowledge Discovery in Databases, and Statistics (Slovak translation (Barbora Lebedova)