Michael Robert Osborne


The night too quickly passes

And we are growing old,

So let us fill our glasses

And toast the Days of Gold;

When finds of wondrous treasure

Set all the South ablaze,

And you and I were faithful mates all through the Roaring Days.

Henry Lawson, "The Roaring Days"          


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Work Address

Home Address

Mathematical Sciences Institute

1 Weld Street

Australian National University



A.C.T. 2600

A.C.T. 0200


Office phone

Home phone

61-2-6125 3449

02-6125 3449

61-2-6281 1648

02- 6281 1648



  1. Use of wrap-around partitioning to vectorize the solution of block bidiagonal matrices

  2. Inverse iteration for the solution of eigenvalue problems

  3. Parallel numerical libraries

  4. V-invariant methods for generalised least squares problems

  1. Collocation methods for the discretization of boundary value problems

  2. Factorisation of operators, dichotomy, and the stability of computations

  3. Cyclic reduction and its relation to representation theorems

  4. Estimation of ODE's, variable selection, and the suitability of bases

  5. Kalman filters, stochastic ODE's, and smoothing problems

  6. ODE eigenvalue problems, stability, and bifurcation

  1. Fisher's method of scoring for maximising likelihoods

  2. Scoring under constraints

  3. Rank regression and l1 estimation

  4. Robust methods

  5. Methods of variable selection

  6. Trust region methods

  1. Structure functional representation

  2. Simplicial methods for minimization

  3. Resolution of degeneracy

  4. Problems with polyhedral constraints

  1. Event oriented model descriptions

  2. Object oriented programming implementation


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Horticulture and conservation.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Bushwalking, especially in the south east escarpment.

Exploring remote Australia.

Simpson desert

Victorian Alps

Canning stock route

Fraser Island

Murray River

Cape York

Along the old coach road





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