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Judy-anne Osborn

Research interests
I am interested in combinatorial questions arising out of statistical mechanics and pure combinatorics. In particular I am interested in enumeration problems pertaining to lattice paths, and also in problems relating to matrices, such as Hadamard's Maximal Determinant Problem. I am also interested in the forms of solutions that may be a priori expected given a combinatorial enumeration problem.
My cv in pdf format.

See my list of publications and preprints.

I currently coordinate and lecture Math1005: Discrete Mathematical Models.

Past Course Coordination and Lecturing at ANU:
2009-2010 summer: MATH3349 - Graph Theory
2009: Math1005 - Discrete Mathematical Models
2008: Math1005 - Mathematical Modeling 2

Teaching Enhancement Grant
I was recently awarded a Teaching Enhancement Grant in support of ANU Maths Society / MSI Film Nights.

I am currently supervising MSI Honours student Fiona Skerman in co-supervision with Professor Brendan McKay (CECS). The topic is `Degree sequences of random digraphs and bipartite graphs'.

Conference Organization
I recently co-organized the Hadamard Maximal Determinant Workshop in the CMA at ANU, May 13th - 17th, 2010. A report is available in the CMSA bulletin at this site.

I am also on the organizing committees for:
- Special Session in Combinatorics at AustMS 2010

Email Address

Postal Address
Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia.
(61-2) 6125 2813
(61-2) 6125 5549

Mathematics Society
I support the new ANU Maths Society, and am on the organizing committee for Mathematical Film Nights.

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