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- P. Bouwknegt, M. Bugden, C. Klimčìk, K. Wright. Hidden Isometry of "T-duality without isometry". JHEP 08 (2017) 116, (arXiv)
- M. Bugden. Spherical photon orbits around a 5-Dimensional Myers-Perry black hole. Gen. Relativ. Gravit. (2018) 50: 30, (arXiv)
- M. Bugden, C. Paganini The Λ to zero limit of spacetimes and its physical interpretation Class. Quant. Grav. 36 (2019), (arXiv)
- M. Bugden. Non-abelian T-folds (arXiv)
- M. Bugden. A Tour of T-duality: Geometric and Topological Aspects of T-dualities - PhD Thesis
- M. Bugden. KMS States in Quantum Statistical Mechanics - Honours Thesis (PDF)

Conferences/Workshops/Schools attended



    - String and M-theory: The New Geometry of the 21st Century (Singapore, Singapore)
    - Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Winter School on Curvature (Brisbane, Australia)
           Talk Title: Light orbiting a five-dimensional black hole (PDF)
    - Higher Structures in M-theory: LMS/EPSRC Durham Symposium (Durham, England)
    - 18th Hellenic School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity: Dualities and Generalized Geometries (Corfu, Greece)
           Talk Title: Attempts to invert non-abelian T-duality: a gauging approach


    - String Geometries and Dualities (Adelaide, Australia)
           Talk Title: Comments on non-isometric T-duality (PDF)
    - Recent Advances in T/U-Dualities and Generalised Geometries (Zagreb, Croatia)
           Talk Title: Comments on non-isometric T-duality (PDF)
    - Gauge Theories, Supergravity, and Superstrings (Benasque, Spain)
    - ANZAMP 2017 (Kiama, Australia)
           Talk Title: It's T-duality, but not as we know it (PDF)


    - AUSTMS 2016 (Canberra, Australia)
           Talk Title: It's T-duality, but not as we know it (PDF)
    - Low-Dimensional Topology and Quantum Algebra (Canberra, Australia)
    - Oberwolfach Workshop on Singularities(Oberwolfach, Germany)
    - 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum (Heidelberg, Germany)
    - W.E. Heraeus Summer School on "Foundations and New Methods in Theoretical Physics" (Thüringen, Germany)
    - 2nd Workshop on String Theory and Gender(Paris, France)
    - Cargèse Summer School on Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, and Particle Physics (Cargèse, France)
    - String Math 2016 (Paris, France)


    - Introduction to Mathematical General Relativity (Paris, France)
    - Recent Advances in General Relativity (Paris, France)
    - Geometric Aspects of Mathematical Relativity (Montpellier, France)
    - Dynamics of Self-Gravitating Matter (Paris, France)
    - General Relativity - A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary (Paris, France)
    - The Mathematics of Conformal Field Theory (Canberra, Australia)
    - Symmetries and Spinors: Interactions between Geometry and Physics (Adelaide, Australia)
    - Geometric Quantisation(Adelaide, Australia)
    - AMSI/AUSTMS Winter School (Brisbane, Australia)
           Talk Title: A Tour of T-Duality (PDF)
    - AMSI/AUSTMS Summer School (Canberra, Australia)
    - Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (Hobart, Australia)
           Talk Title: Photon Spheres Around Higher Dimensional Black Holes (PDF)


    - AustMS/NZMS 2014 (Melbourne, Australia)
            Talk Title: T-duality for Higher Rank Torus Bundles, Revisited (PDF)
    - Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (Newcastle, Australia)
           Talk Title: T-duality in String Theory (PDF)


    - Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (Canberra, Australia)